How To Get Traffic To Your Website – 5 Tips to Get More Website Traffic

hey everybody Tyson’s honor here would you like to know how to get more traffic to your website if so stick around cuz in this video I’m gonna give you five tips that are really going to help you out so that you can get more traffic and ultimately so that you can generate more leads and more sales in your business and best of all four of these five strategies are totally free so let’s go and get started tip number one probably my most important tip for you is post fresh content and do it often I would recommend two to three times a week at least if you can do more more is better now I know what some of you are thinking well where in the world am I going to come up with ideas for fresh content that often aren’t I going to run out of ideas I’ll get to that in just a moment the answer is no and I’ll tell you where you’re going to come up with ideas in a moment but let’s talk for just a moment about why posting fresh content should be a huge part of your overall traffic strategy number one one of the biggest places for you to get traffic is Google google loves content more importantly they love fresh content if you never have anything new on your site Google is going to think your site is old that it’s stale and they’re going to demote you in the rankings in favor instead of other sites that are posting fresh content so that’s reason number one a second reason to post fresh content and I think an even more compelling reason is that it allows your website o previous website visitors to come back to your site and to see your offer through a fresh pair of eyes right if they come to your site and nothing’s new what they’re going to say is well I’ve been here before there wasn’t anything here I wanted the first time nothing’s different I’m out of here right when you post new content it allows you to bring them back and it allows you to position whatever it is that you have to offer through a new lens through a different set of eyes through your content and it allows you to do it in a very non pushy non-threatening sort of way because you can simply say hey I posted this new video for you on my website that you should go check out that’s going to teach you how to XYZ or hey I just posted a new article about you should go check it out and then you can reposition your offer through that content okay so not only is going to help you get more traffic it’s also going to help you to make more sales from past traffic that’s already been to your site once okay now for those of you who saying to yourself we’ll tie so where in the world am I going to come up with ideas for all of this content well many of you know that I have heavily been suggesting ray higden’s brand new course called the 3 minute expert inside of his course which you can grab if you want at from my affiliate links success with Tyson com forward slash 3m II I happen to have almost a thousand dollars in bonuses for you if you want to buy it through my link but inside of his course one of his bonuses that he offers right here bonus number four the ten best ideas for content I’m going to make you a promise that after you watch this video you will never ever run out of ideas for content again amazing bonus let me just give you a few ideas for where I come up with ideas for content like the video you’re watching right now number one any courses that I buy always create ideas for content that I can share with my audience number two any books that I’ve read in the past or that I’m reading now if I’ve highlighted something each individual point is a whole new piece of content you know we’re not talking long pieces of content guys we’re talking three to five minute video nothing nothing much at all or a short article four or five hundred words another great another great one is if you’ve attended any seminars and you took notes those notes are topic ideas that you could post content on to get traffic back to your website okay so posting fresh content and guys that’s really what Ray higden’s course is all about it’s how he became a millionaire blogger is through creating content that’s what he shows you inside of the three-minute expert alright my next tip for you is pick the right keywords for your content right doesn’t matter how good your content is if you don’t optimize it for Google to find your site and for Google to show your your content to the people who are searching for certain keywords doesn’t really matter because nobody’s ever going to come to it so you got to pick the right keywords and guys most people overcomplicate this it’s not hard to pick the right keywords I do it in about ten minutes a day in fact in one of my bonuses I’m going to do a live webinar with you if you buy the three minute expert through my affiliate link and I’m going to be showing you my exact strategy for how I do my keyword research takes me ten minutes a day how I optimize all of my content so the Google finds it and ranks me on page number one ray also shows you his strategy inside of the 3 minute expert my third tip to you is to build a tribe now what do I mean well first of all this a lot of people will ask me they’ll say well what about off page optimization Tyson do I need to go building a bunch of backlinks and all of that kind of stuff and there was a time when I taught that that was something you should do for off page optimization however since that time Google has changed their algorithms I can tell you that what Google now places more of their algorithm strength on in terms of whether or not you should be on page one is social signals things like engagement comments how much are people sharing your content how long are they staying on your page are they scrolling down the page of your blog are they watching an entire video those are the kinds of things that Google is now looking at to determine whether or not you should be ranked high so what you can do by building a tribe or a small community of other people is that you can agree to one another that you are each going to comment on one another’s put on you know one another’s content you’re going to share it on social media because sometimes getting that first comment or that first share can be the hardest one and then once you kind of open the floodgates it’s a whole lot easier to get other people to do the same which can really increase your rankings inside of Google my fourth tip to you and I will admit this is one that I struggled with for a long time because I just didn’t know where to share and what groups to Sharon and I didn’t want to look you know spammy on social media is that you if you’re posting good content that helps people there’s no reason why you should be concerned that you’re going to look spammy if you’re sharing that on social media as long as the groups that you’re sharing it in are relevant and that you really are posting good compelling valuable engaging content and I will like I said I struggled with this for a long time inside of Ray’s course the 3 minute expert module 13 called where to post your blog to get massive traffic I’m going to tell you this video was worth the entire price of the course alone I would have bought the course just for module 13 in addition to everything else ray actually shows over his shoulder exactly what social media sites he posts on what tools he uses to post his content he shows what groups he posts in absolutely worth the entire price of the course watch this module if you grab the three-minute expert okay and finally actually before I give you the fifth one let me give you one more free so these four are all free things that you can do there’s a fifth free strategy that I do all the time I just thought of it send an email out to your list even if it’s a small list but I mean obviously your email list by just saying hey I posted a new piece of content over on my blog or over on my youtube channel or wherever go check it out that is a that’s a free fast easy way for you to get people who already know you back over to your website and then the fifth strategy of course is paid advertising now I’m going to tell you guys you should not be doing any paid advertising if you do not have a way to capture leads from your content right having great content that that warms up your audience to you is awesome as a way to build your following however if you do not have a way to monetize that content if you don’t have a way to turn that traffic into leads and then into sales now I did post a video a few days ago on my channel excuse me with some tips on how to turn more of your traffic in the leads inside of Ray’s course he has an entire video on monetization and exactly what you should do with your blog and with your content to monetize it so that you get more people to buy from you you get more people to opt-in and become leads and for those of you who buy through my affiliate link you’re going to get my ultimate lead generation course normally a two hundred ninety seven dollar course it’s yours for free when you buy Ray’s course before May 29th by the way I should say that Ray’s course the launch closes on May 29th and my bonuses go away on May 29th so if you’re watching this after that I apologize you will not be able to get my bonuses then but if you’re watching it before May 29th you’ll get my ultimate lead generation course which shows you exactly how to put systems in place so that you can capture leads I show you what tools to use even if you’re a total tech idiot Andray really talks to you in detail about how to monetize your content inside of a 3 minute expert it’s an amazing course I own it I love it I highly recommend you grab it get it from my affiliate link you’ll get all my bonuses do it before May 29th before it closes down go to success with Tyson com forward slash 3m e for the 3 minute expert and we will see you guys on the next one bye


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