How to INCREASE website traffic to your Website – Get Traffic in MINUTES with these TIPS

hey what is up this is talent brat and in this video I want to talk about how to get more website traffic to your your offers your your sales page your opt-in forms whatever you’re promoting online I want to just go over a few rules some strategies to help you generate more website traffic and you’re gonna do it like a total boss so you want to become a total boss because it allows you to create the lifestyle that you want it allows you to do what you want allows you to become really the total boss of everything that you do and you can do that starting online and you the best way to do that is to start with website traffic okay before we do that though hit on the subscribe button also hit that Bell option that way you get notified of all of videos that have come out with to you on a daily basis alright it’s a web site traffic is one of those things that everybody has to have you just have to have it and I see so many people that they buy traffic they try to get free traffic they do all these crazy things and then they’re wondering why their business isn’t really exploding why it’s not really taking off so I want to just give you one strategy in one may be some groundwork to help you build upon that one of the best ways to get website traffic is gonna be with solo ads okay solo ads are going to be with where you get to go to somebody that already has an email list email marketing email your email list is going to be your biggest asset okay don’t listen to any of these gurus or anybody else tells you anything otherwise okay email marketing is way better than Facebook buying Facebook Ads it’s way better than YouTube you know buying YouTube ads email marketing is the best because everybody uses email and everybody you know has an email inbox I’m sure there’s a lot of people that are on ton of email a ton of emails and they get too much email okay but that’s not really part of this whole equation email marking is a referral that somebody is sent out when somebody is on a list and they’re getting emails from a particular person and that particular person sends out an email says hey I got a great product go check it out that’s a referral it’s the best traffic in the entire world okay solo ads is the best way to do that and you go to somebody that has a already has an email list but you have to be careful with this because there’s so many people out there they’re just they’re sending crap traffic they’re not sending real traffic they’re sending they’re sending you know fake signups they’re doing all this stuff to rip people off and I you know there’s there’s a precaution that I use when I’m buying solo ads okay I’ve I’ve bought solo ads in the past I’ve gotten ripped off and I’ve you know I’ve been through the frustrations of dealing with this and so there’s some precautions that I do take now the one thing precaution I do take is I go to a website called udemy and I like to buy there and no reason I go there is because the it’s hard for people to to really send crap traffic because udemy has stats through their link and it shows the quality of the traffic so it’s kind of hard to do that now they can send free I mean they can send you know bad sign ups in fact I just had a provider who sent bad sign ups they were sending fake sign ups through the udemy platform so it’s it’s possible do that they could send good quality traffic but the actual the emails are actually fake okay there’s a way they do that I don’t know how to do that but I using a script called click magic and what I do is I put an engagement pixel onto my I put it on to you know I have a thank you page and then I have one more page after the Thank You page which is a you know like a sales video or a sales page and somebody clicks on that thank you link that goes to that third page there’s an engagement pixel on that and I can tell right away what traffic is good so if somebody opts into my forum they go to my Thank You page and then if if it’s only like if like if I’m getting 40% opt-ins and I get like one percent engagement somebody clicking on the link that means it’s fake okay that means it’s it’s fake traffic and I just busted somebody on you to me recently for doing that luckily they sent me the money back but I had to warn other people on you to me that this person was sending their sent in fake signups their opt-in is great and everybody loves our opt-in but they’re not sending real signups okay now that we’re sending real people and that’s what you need you need real quality people so here’s the thing with solo ads you have not you can go to you to meet or you can go to a group on Facebook called social social ads testimonials you can just type in social ad testimonials you can go there and you can look at other people that are talking about vendors that they purchase traffic from and you can reach out to them the vendors and you can say hey I want to get you know 100 click solo ad or 500 click solo ad whatever you want to do make sure when you’re buying solo ads that you send all the view traffic to a lead capture page okay they might be on their list that you buy the chapter from but you want to put that person onto your list so you can follow up with them you always want to do that you know if you’re buying solo ad traffic to a sales page you’re you’re just losing out because if somebody comes to your sales page there’s only gonna be like one percent of the people they’re gonna actually buy off of silhouett okay there’s not gonna do it right away but to follow up you know the constant follow up with your emails that’s where people majority people are going to buy your product that’s where people are gonna buy your service so if you have them on your email list you’re able to follow up okay so make sure you send all your traffic to a lead capture page now getting back to making sure that you get quality traffic if you go to the solo ad testimonials you want to reach out to people and there’s a couple questions you want to ask a solo vendor that has traffic number one you want to ask them how they built how do they build their list okay you know how are they building your list are they building it through to ads and all that try to get this information if they’re real vague about it and they’re not really giving you information then don’t go with that vendor okay this is gonna be one of the first telltale signs if they’re open about it and they are telling you how they’re building a list that’s fine okay then what you want to do is you want to continue to ask some more questions next one a question do you want to ask them is did you promote a an affiliate offer and recently in the last 30 days you know have you have you mailed your list an affiliate offer that you’re trying to earn income from and if they you’d say yes just ask them what was the what was the offer you know if they say well it was an offer on jvzoo or rooves an offer on to warrior Plus that I just promoted then that’s great so there’s basically they tell you how they’re building the list they tell you that they’re promoting affiliate offers which is good because then they have they know that their list is good okay a lot of solo vendors they have one list that they sell to people and then they have another list that they actually mail to make money with so the problem is is they’re sending you this kind of this crap traffic over here and you’re paying for it but they’re actually really good traffic is over here and they’re sending out promotions for that so I don’t really you know it’s it’s just kind of craziness now like for me I only have like a few vendors that I go to over and over again because I know the traffic is great but I had to do a lot of you know I had to buy like 100 clicks here and 100 clicks there just to find out whether these these vendors are any good so if you ask these questions like you know how do you build your list have you promoted an affiliate offer recently what this is gonna do is gonna tell you that they have some buyers on the list buyers what you want in your list if you if you mean it’s it’s great to get traffic it’s great to get opt-ins to your forum but if nobody’s buying anything that you’re sending out then it you you’re just wasting money with a solo ad so you want to find out if the vendor has buyers and the way you’re really gonna do that with your solo ad is you’re going to buy it some clicks maybe 200 300 clicks from them you’re going to get an opt-in and you’re gonna send it to a very low ticket offer I mean we’re talking $1.00 okay you redirect them to a one-time offer just say hey when you send out traffic and people go to that and they sign up and they go to your sales page you say hey look there’s a one-time offer you can get this for $1 this is a you know it’s a 10 hour training on how to make money online for $1 and if you get two or three of these dollar sales then you know you have a good vendor that has a lot of good quality traffic okay so that’s going to tell you right away if you have a really good compelling offer that’s on the back end and you’re selling it for a dollar and you get a vendor that send you traffic and they’re really not sending you any buyers at all then you know that the that they just have crap traffic and they’re just sent any junk to it okay but when you find a good vendor and you find two or three that are really really good you can continue to buy traffic from over and over again because they’re gonna have a really big list I’ll probably have a list of 3040 thousand people on their list so you buy a couple hundred clicks from them every day is you know it’s gonna be really good because you’re gonna get buyers on your list and buyers are gonna turn into to money and that money is gonna be able to allow you to reinvest back into more traffic okay so make sure when you’re buying your solo ads you just investigate the people and you find out you just ask some questions before you put your money down if they’re vague if they’re not telling you what what they’re doing if they’re just kind of beating around your questions then tell them no thanks I’m gonna move on to somebody else because there’s really there’s hundreds and hundreds hundreds of vendors out there and there’s good quality vendors out there that would love to send you traffic and would love to do it right to you but there’s also gonna be a lot of just you know people that are just lazy and and they don’t they don’t understand customer service and they’re just looking to make a quick buck be in the social game for a little our social ads selling game for just a little bit and then they move on another thing too is make sure you don’t go to their website and read their testimonials okay their testimonials could be faked it can be you know they just don’t they’re not real that’s why I like you to me because you to me has real testimonials from people now I’m gonna seeing all the testimonials are gonna be quality but at least they’re real and they’re not they’re not faked or not photoshopped they’re real people that have bought and they’ve they’re given their you know opinions on that that saved me a ton to because I’ll go to the reviews and I’ll read through them and if I see things like you know 10% opt-in or didn’t get any sales or things like that I notice stay away from that vendor and I know to move on to somebody else alright so if you need some help on that I’m gonna leave a link below this to you can get I’m gonna leave a link down here below this video that way you can get some information on how to get traffic through udemy click on that traffic source okay hey if you like this video click on like also share it with your friends comment below let me know how I can help your business this is Tyler Pratt hope you enjoyed that and we will see you on the next one [Music]


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