Internet Marketing Tips: 7 Lazy Ways To Market Your Website In 2017

seven internet marketing tips that you can use to market your website in the modern age my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate and before we begin make sure you tick that subscribe button I am releasing new content on affiliate marketing internet marketing traffic generation and more hit that subscribe button alright with all that said let’s jump right on it tip number one if you want to drive traffic to your website in the modern age from starting to today from now on you are going to have to make sure that your website is mobile friendly mobile in my opinion is going to be with a direction of where things head from here on out so make sure that mobile is on your hit list there so one thing that you can do right now today to start doing this is make sure that you have a 100% mobile optimized WordPress theme all right so there are many out there you can get one in my debbie super affiliate system it’s called the deadbeat theme that comes with my deadbeat super affiliate system you can get that at deadbeat super affiliate com alright so that’s tip number one tip number two is you got to get good at doing videos alright so here I am doing videos on YouTube I believe from here on out the way the Internet’s going the way things are going video is going to be crucial in marketing your website from here on out so you can do two you can purchase two two ways one is just kind of suck it up and get good on video so if you look at some of my previous videos here on YouTube they are just cringe worthy every day I’m like maybe I should delete those but the reality is is that your first videos are going to be completely horrible this is just one of those things that you’re gonna have to suck up and get the learning phase out of the way start producing videos alright now if you don’t want to appear on camera there are other ways that you can do it the trade-off is is that it’s going to cost you money and it’s going to be kind of a headache to get through the numerous amount of video creators that you’re going to have to go through so you can go to sex like and find people who will actually make the videos for you so the the drawbacks is that it’s going to cost you about fifty to seventy-five dollars per video and you’re going to have to go through a good number of bad providers before you find someone who’s able to create profitable videos for you alright so just keep that in mind tip number three Facebook is blowing up it’s been blowing up the last few years I highly recommend that you start creating a Facebook page for your online business so it doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer you have your own offline services physical products that you’re trying to sell make sure that you create a Facebook fan page for your business now you’re going to want to integrate that Facebook page into all of your other properties so you’re going to integrate this into your YouTube channel your blog your mailing list to get people to like your page so that they see any content that you create in the future alright tip number four is make sure you create a YouTube channel like I said video is the way that the Internet is going to go YouTube is a traffic generation powerhouse if you don’t have a youtube asset in your business you are missing out so it doesn’t matter whatever niche that you’re in YouTube is going to be profitable for you as long as you do the right things alright so there’s plenty of information out there about creating good YouTube videos make sure that you check that out alright tip number five is that blogging is still a very powerful and proven way to get traffic and market your products and services so just like the YouTube channel your blog is a universal way to get traffic to whatever it is that you’re trying to sell so no on the internet everyone’s saying blogging is dead SEO is dead it’s not the truth reality is is that if you have good content on your blog people will find it and you will get traffic to whatever you want to do I have many blogs out there right now giving 4 500 hits per day simply with basic blogging done well so blogging is another way to market your website in the modern age now for tip number 6 perhaps the most profitable one tip number six is going to want to make sure that you build up your mailing list so you can do this in many different ways one way is you can funnel your blog traffic to your freebie where people opt in to receive more information from you your mailing list is going to be one of the most powerful ways that you can earn affiliate Commission’s sell your own products on demand alright so a lot of people under estimate the power of the mailing list this is something I’m going to talk about more in the future make sure you send a good portion of your website traffic to your freebie opt-in page and last but not least tip number seven is focus on creating high retention web content alright so back in the day the focus was on basically whoever built the most backlinks got higher rankings now it’s actually whoever creates the best content that captures the users attention the longest ranks better alright so you’re going to want to do things like polishing up your content so that’s visually pleasing you want to make sure that you have a solid hook initially in the first eight to ten seconds of your content so the first battle is one in your ability to capture your users attention right off the bat this does take a little bit of work upfront but after a while after you systemize the whole process creating high retention content requires very little extra work once you master the equation alright with all that said if you want to learn how to turn the information that I taught you in this video into affiliate sales product sales check out this free guide right now so this shows you step by step how to create a profitable internet marketing campaign from scratch even if you’re a complete beginner alright so click that image that will take you to my page if you’re on a mobile browser and you can’t click this image type into your browser URL address bar right now WWE beat university comm slash guide again this shows you step-by-step how to create a profitable internet marketing campaign from scratch starting right now today alright with all that said my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate I hope you enjoyed this video if you haven’t subscribed to my channel there will be a button that pops up somewhere on this video I am releasing new content about affiliate marketing internet marketing traffic generation and more pretty regularly share this video with your friends and comment below if you have any questions for me about any of the information that I shared right here on this video today my name is Dan Brock the deadbeat super affiliate and now it’s time for me to go take a nap I’ll see you deadbeats later [Music] [Music]


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