5 Tools That’ll Help You Drive Traffic to Your Website | Search Engine Optimization Tips

Online marketing is hard. How do you increase your traffic? With so many things out there from paid advertising,
to SEO, to social media marketing, to content marketing, there’s so many things that you
can do, how do you know what ones to leverage first to help you grow your traffic? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
going to share with you five tools that can help you increase your traffic. So, no matter what you want to go after, whether
it’s social media marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, et cetera, I’m going to
give you five tools that you should be using to grow your traffic. Number one, ahrefs.com. Ahrefs is a tool that you can use. You put in a competitor URL and it’ll show
you where they get their search traffic from. So one of my competitors is searchenginewatch.com. I put it in there, I go into the sidebar,
I click on their organic traffic, and it will show me all the pages that they’re getting
traffic from, and the keywords that are driving them. What are their most popular pages is on SEO
Basics. So I take this page, I click through, I go
to their website, I now can create similar content for my website. And I know that this page is getting a ton
of Google traffic and, if I write a better post than theirs and then I email out all
the people that are linking to them because Ahrefs also shows you all the back links that
webpage has and who’s linking to them, it will get you more links and increase your
rankings. So that’s the first tool that you can use
to draw your traffic. The second tool is Buzzsumo. Ahrefs is great to increase your Google traffic. Buzzsumo, on the other hand, is great to increase
your social traffic. Let’s say you type in online marketing. It’ll show you all the popular posts based
on social shares to get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, et cetera. Now, you can take these articles and write
better ones. So there’s a tech cruncher article that talks
about how Google Analytics ruined online marketing. Well, you can talk about how Google Analytics
saved online marketing, and you can break down in more detail on how Google Analytics
has made marketer’s lives easier and how it does wonderful stuff for marketers, saves
companies money, and it’s an amazing tool. Once you do that, you go to buzzsumo.com,
you click on view shares, it shows you all the people that share that article on Twitter. If you don’t have a paid Buzzsumo account,
no worries. Take that original tech crunch URL, go to
Twitter search feature, type in that URL and it’ll show you all the people that tweeted
it out. You head up each of those people and you beg
them for a tweet. In essence, you’re Googling, trying to find
their email, shooting them an email, trying to convince them to tweet out your article. The third tool is Google Search Console. Once you add your site to Google Search Console,
it’ll show you all the errors your site has, from 404 errors, to pages not working right,
to Ahrefs link issues. Whatever it may be, Google will show you those
issues and errors through Google Search Console. Fix them. It’ll take a long time. Go through them one by one. Fix them. You’ll get more traffic. The next tool I have for you is SEMrush. The cool part about SEMrush is, it shows you
all the keywords that your competition is paying for. So, if you put in a competitor URL, such as
amazon.com, it’ll show you all the paid keywords that Amazon is bidding for. If they’re your competition, you know that
if they’re continually paying money for these keywords, they drive traffic. So you should go after these keywords as well. You can go after them from a paid perspective
or an organic perspective. Either way, you know they’re high converting
keywords. Cause no one continually pays for keywords
that they’re losing money on. The fifth tool that you should start leveraging
is called Ubersuggest. So if you go to ubersuggest.io and you type
in any phrase or keyword, it’ll give you a longer list of other relevant keywords that
people are searching for. It’s taking the data from Google Suggest. What Google Suggest is, is when you type in
a word or phrase within the Google search box, have you ever noticed that they give
you other suggestions? Those are suggestions based on from popularity. Ubersuggest breaks you down a whole list of
them so you know to integrate those keywords within your content. So, if you use those five tools, you’ll start
generating more traffic today.


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